The weather in Denver, Colorado

Flooding is a problem that happens frequently in the Denver area; Because of the weather conditions and topography in Denver, CO, rain storms and flooding can happen in an instant. When the CO river rises, flooding in multiple sites can occur throughout the Denver metropolitan area. There were multiple afternoons in a row when all of us had rain falling heavily. I noticed some areas inside the cannabis dispensary where the ground was moist and a bit wet. I warned the manager of the cannabis dispensary that all of us might have a problem if the rain continued. The recreational cannabis shop manager didn’t heed my advice or take my warning. The guy completely ignored myself and others until there was an inch of water in the store room. The cannabis shop manager had to call a Denver Plumbing Service to take care of the problem. The plumbing crew was at the dispensary all day. I am sure they charged a advantage for the commercial repairs. The manager of the dispensary never bothered to apologize for not taking my advice. I have been living in Denver my whole life and I have seen a number of problems caused by rain and Ice. Both wet forms of precipitation can be dangerous when mixed with other storm elements. I see frequent hail storms while I was in the Summer when the weather is warmer. I still recognize hail is a single of the coolest weather anomalies. In Denver, the hail can be as substantial as a softball or a baseball. It’s crazy that ice can fall from the sky even when the outdoor temperatures are close to 90 degrees.

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