The weather being 45 in Denver was a problem

My boss sent me out of neighborhood for a labor seminar & it was the middle of December! I didn’t want to go to the training seminar, especially when I found out that it was being held in Denver! Denver while in the month of December is a eveningmare… The airport is always packed with people & the flights are frequently delayed.

The weather in Denver while in December is icy & cold, however when I found out That I was going to be stuck in Denver for 5 days, I went to the store & purchased some cold weather clothing.

I bought an extra pair of jeans & a sweater. I also bought some warm socks & a few undershirts. I wasn’t going to take any chances. The day I arrived in Denver it was 46 degrees. It was warmer than the place where I left. I expected hot & cold temperatures in the single digits, but it was warm enough for a t-shirt & shorts. The seminar turned out to be a boring snoozefest, but one of our colleagues & I decided to ditch the seminar on the eighth day so the people I was with and I could go for a hike. Both of us went to a marijuana dispensary in the morning & picked out some recreational supplies. Both of us went to the park to go hiking & the people I was with and I smoked the recreational marijuana joint before the people I was with and I set out on our adventure. Hiking at the park while using recreational cannabis was the most fun & interesting thing that I did the entire week… My colleague & I never got into any trouble for missing classes, so that is an adventure the people I was with and I will really take again.

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