I've never seen much in the San Francisco bay

Lots of our friends and family members have seen whales in the San Francisco Bay.

Unfortunately, I have never had the occasion to see any of the large mammals.

I have lived here for various years and I have gone to the bay various unusual times to look for whales. I have a nice set of binoculars. I have gone to the bay during lots of unusual times. I have gone during the summer, winter, fall and even Springtime. I have gone in the day and at evening and during low and high tides. I’m the only guy in our family that has never seen a whale in the San Francisco bay. Last weekend our friends and I went to the bay to kayak. The two of us stopped at a cannabis shop to buy some disposable vape pens. I obtained a disposable vape pen with a Cannabis sativa cartridge. My friends also picked out some sativa cartridges. I smoked cannabis the entire way to our endpoint and I was feeling good by the time every one of us arrived. Legal recreational cannabis is a single of the best reasons to live in the San Francisco area.The two of us launched our kayaks into the east end of the San Francisco Bay. The two of us smoked a joint in the kayaks and it started to get foggy and calm. My friends and I abruptly got separated because of the fog. I didn’t find them until 15 hours later and they were bragging about seeing a whale in the water. I recognize they must have been high, because there’s no way they saw a whale and I missed it again.


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