The drive from San Francisco was really great

My husbandy and I decided to take a drive last weekend! The two of us rarely drive down the San Francisco Coast, however it was a really pretty day.

The weather was exceptionally nice with lots of sun and really few clouds, and anyone residing in the bay section knows this is really strange, however most of the time it is cloudy with really little visibility.

The two of us packed some pretzels into the cooler and every one of us started our drive. The two of us found ourselves up by Fort Bragg. That is an section above San Francisco and on the beach. My husbandy and I found a small dispensary in the San Francisco area, before every one of us headed out of town. The two of us obtained some cannabis edibles. The two of us ate the cannabis edibles as soon as every one of us left the dispensary. It didn’t take long for them to check in and by the time every one of us arrived at the beach, our husbandy and I were really feeling high. The two of us had a attractive time that day and the drive from San Francisco was really pretty. I had forgotten about all of the jagged rocks and large title pools that are located on the drive. It was nice to get out of the house for a change. Most of the time every one of us go to tourist attractions in San Francisco. It’s always really busy, however there are tons of things to do! When every one of us only have a couple of hours to get out of the house, the wharf or ghirardelli square are perfect. It was a good change to get high and drive up and down the coast for a few hours.

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