Albuquerque weed prices are through the roof

I had an associate of mine that wanted to purchase pot and asked me if it was lavish in the City of Albuquerque.

I looked at the person and believed that she already had too much pot to ask about Albuquerque prices.

I told the person it was entirely close to prices like in her area. She’s in a different and strange part of New Mexico, but I would absolutely guess they have the same prices. That’s when I found out about the city plus how they each make their own rules. Albuquerque says the prices of marijuana in our own area. I’ve lived around Albuquerque for most of my life plus I have not smoked any marijuana and therefore have never been inside of a dispensary. My friend was actually aggravated about the Levis marijuana and prices in her town. She talked about this very often when everyone of us that on the phone. There were no questions about any of the upcoming festivals. Sometimes she wants to think that Albuquerque Council will hire the person this year just to help with electrical light and their attachments. The fact that she has seriously obsessed over marijuana prices in Albuquerque has me puzzled. She lives very close and Nob Hill which is a downtown part of Albuquerque. She certainly knows more information about marijuana than me so I don’t understand how she wouldn’t understand if there was different prices in the different surrounding areas near Albuquerque, New Mexico. We all agree that things we will be different.

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