New Mexico is joining the rest of the movement

Living in New Mexico has many pluses plus minuses.

I appreciate my place plus appreciate living in Albuquerque.

Recently some laws changed inside the state and medical plus recreational marijuana has been legalized. Albuquerque consistently has been a nice Locale to live but I am anxious about things that will happen now that the legalization of recreational marijuana is indeed a Shore thing. I anxiously thought every one of us would walk around the city and be high so people were belligerent. Every one of us didn’t want our children near that behavior. I loved Albuquerque but needed to find out if this was a good thing or not. I’m not actually saying that I would be against legalizing medical weed, but as a parent it is a different story. As a kid I probably would have wanted to sneak around different places to locate marijuana or even sneak around different places to keep myself from being caught. I grew up in the Albuquerque area plus there were not so wonderful swings. I am easily wondering if things will continue to get worse plus change. After hearing that they decriminalized a full ounce of marijuana, things have changed. It is not a criminal offense to carry at least 28 grams of marijuana and now it is just a $25 relaxing for possession. Albuquerque was a wonderful place in New Mexico to live, but it certainly seems like things are going downhill since the legalization of all these new products. I’m hopeful this will be some wonderful changes at least for the city of Albuquerque.