Air Conditioning in Tampa Bay, Florida

My cousin visited after a long time of not seeing each other.

We had always been close, especially when we were young.

Everyone in the neighborhood was referred to as a brother since we would be seen walking everywhere together. All the mischief we did made us famous both at home and in school. However, after high school, we went our separate ways as my cousin chose to pursue a law degree in a different university, out of town. While I had the grades to go to the university, I decided to join trade school and train as an HVAC technician. I had always had my eye on starting a business in this industry and wanted to get ahead early. I knew going to school to study engineering would take longer since I felt the need to serve my community by offering quality services that could be trusted. I had had bad experiences with arrogant HVAC technicians, and they would treat my family poorly. I completed my training after 16months, got licensed, and even started that HVAC business. It had been three years now since I was in Tampa Bay, Florida, and I was doing well. Roy came visiting around this time, and I worked on an insulating project for my house. I needed to improve the heating and cooling in the home. I had already fixed and upgraded the HVAC system and was finalizing the revamp. He found me installing the insulating material in the Tampa Bay, Florida home, and he joined in. It was when I learned he had changed his career and pursued engineering instead. He was about to graduate and join me in the local Tampa Bay, Florida business, but as a manufacturer of HVAC appliances. We had shared the same dream as young boys, but we chose different paths to achieve these goals.



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