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I study through a newspaper review as I wanted to guess more about the weird places both of us could visit in Orland Park… My dad insisted that both of us go with him on the trip as he needed to be there for two weeks for work, and he did not want to be left out on the family getaway as it often happened, & he insisted that both of us should join him first before both of us could fly abroad. He knew that when he left us at home, both of us would go ahead & ask him to follow, which he often felt bothersome to do. However, both of us were stuck & could not turn him down, however after all, he often made sacrifices for us, & it was only fair that both of us provided him this one. My dad was not the demanding type, & it was straight-forward for him to set his interest aside, the two of us got a small space in Orland, close to where dad’s seminars were held… During the afternoon, mom would take us to weird places to experience the area, & then I would have something o eat before heading back to wait for dad’s return. The two of us were late to come back because both of us decided to visit the Orland Park museum & were stuck at the old town hall. The local history was so enchanting that both of us did not notice how fast time went by. The two of us did not take a snack before heading to our staycation since dad was waiting. The two of us made a family lunch & had a great night when it swiftly got chilly, it was the end of Fall, & Winter time was about to set in. Dad commanded that both of us light the furnace only for us to learn that there was non. The facility caretaker started a fire in the fireplace, & both of us all gathered around.


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