Visiting the Cost of Eugene

My friends and family knew me too well and would never go wrong when suggesting a trip that works and speaks to my soul.

  • As long as the coast is involved, you can be sure that I will have a great time.

Visiting large water bodies gives me a sense of calm. I am not sure if it is the waves or the tropical-like feeling that I get whenever I am near an ocean or a sea. Either way, I enjoy basking in the sun and playing with the sun around the large water masses. I had been to many coasts, but my friends knew that Eugene was not one of them. They were running out of ideas to surprise me because it was difficult and almost impossible to please. They teamed up, and my bestie Sharon suggested that we try Eugene. She knew that I was into cannabis lately and was eager to smoke in a place that would be unrestricted. The fact that Eugene had a beautiful coast that I would love and that cannabis was legal here was a win. They investigated where they could buy weed from and found a few cannabis dispensaries near the coast. All I remember was that my girls picked me in the evening and blindfolded me until we reached our destination. The moment they let me see where we were, I couldn’t hold back my tears because of how beautiful the place was. It was magical and breathtaking, to say the least. I enjoyed every bit of the cascades and coast in general. Sincerely, this would be one palace I will revisit some time in the future.

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