Santa Barbara, California is the place for marijuana

Entering the competition at work was all thanks to our immediate boss! He told myself and others it was possible to achieve the set targets, and he was right, then i’d mentioned that I needed a trip some time back, and he told myself and others there was a competition coming up, however the winner would get an all-expenses-paid trip to Santa Barbara.

The reward came with corporation class tickets and a stay at a 5-star hotel.

I imagined how nice that would feel, especially if I brought our mom along. I’d moved back house to be with her since she was not doing so well. I observed a change ever since, and now she is feeling much better; Every one of us both could use some time away in a town I’d never been to. I won the competition and took a week off from work; My mom and I flew to Santa Barbara and got picked up by a limo at the airport. The hotel the two of us stayed at was so extravagant and appealing inside, our first day in Santa Barbara was a blur since all the two of us did was eat and swim! After relaxing, the two of us decided to venture out the following day and explore. It’s while the two of us were strolling that I came across a pot shop. Mom saw myself and others look at it and told myself and others to go inside. It’s legal to use marijuana recreationally in Santa Barbara. I went in, and mom sat outside at a nice bench the shop had set out. I suppose they’d experienced people like us before where one person wants to go in and the other remains outside. Mom only had to wait a few minutes because I was not shopping for more than 2 items.


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