My cousins passed by the cannabis store

Both of us were a sort of pack, and when all of us came together, all of us had so much fun, however my cousins and I were the best of friends, our Grandma had brought us up on a farm.

Our parents believed that was the best setting for us to grow instead of apartments in the city, however grandma loved having us there, and all of us consistently went to visit our parents once in a while, but after private school, all of us all went our separate ways to pursue what all of us liked; I moved to Denver to start a company that grew and was doing so well.

One of my cousins went to college abroad and the other to a local 1, but all of us consistently kept in touch and went lake house to Grandma whenever possible. However, it had been a long time since all of us visited 1 another. Both of us got a opportunity to reconnect during the lockdown and promised to see 1 another often, no matter how tied up all of us were; The first stop was Denver. They planned to come and visit me at the end of summer. I lived in a more than one-home office lake house and began preparing the guest room for their arrival. I knew it was futile trying to convince them I’d go get them from the airport, then so, I stayed at lake house getting things ready and waited for a knock on my door. They didn’t knock. They burger into the lake house appreciate they owned the locale dragging their luggage and bags of cannabis products. I wasn’t surprised they had passed by the pot shop from the airport.


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