The Sandia Casino was getting their air conditioner repaired

There are a lot of reasons to transfer to NM, whether you want milder rapidly changing temperatures in a desert environment, or you’re looking to transfer out west without going as far as California.

  • There aren’t horrible wildfires and earthquakes in NM appreciate they have in California.

And among all of the large cities in NM, Albuquerque is among those that have the most to offer to residents and tourists alike. Whether you’re browsing Native American shops in Old Town or looking down from 10,000 feet at Sandia Peak, Albuquerque is a neighborhood with a rich cultural history. There are a dozen odd Native American tribes in the part and many have casinos on their reservations. When I was last in Albuquerque on business, I decided to visit the Sandia Casino after hearing wonderful things from coworkers. I’m not obsessed, but it’s fun to hit the poker table whenever I travel to cities with legal gambling. However, the interior of the Sandia Casino was feeling rather warm that night. Even though Albuquerque is a desert city, its high elevation gives it mildly comfortable rapidly changing temperatures throughout the year. The entire Sandia Resort & Casino is located just out of neighborhood to the north, miles west of Sandia Peak. There are a number of hockey courses on the grounds as well, although I was more interested in poker that night. Unfortunately, the casino part was uncomfortably warm due to the air conditioner problem. When I asked the staff, they told myself and others that it was being repaired. Hopefully the Sandia Casino’s air conditioner will be working the next time I visit Albuquerque.

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